In order to elevate the offerings on the SYFY site and social handles, we created digital-first franchises that were used across all platforms, including on-air to push to the online experience. These "lifestyle" pieces were supplements to the news features on SYFY Wire. While standalone experiences for online, they would sometimes strategically be aligned to shows or campaigns in order to pique interest for the view on-air.


This is a series that highlights both fans and professionals to gain insight on what it was that sparked their passion for genre content. For Black History Month, we highlighted black professionals in the industry, ranging from actors, to writers, to comic store owners. To the left is the on-air promo, and below are four of the complete digital videos.

Campaign Collaborators: York Capistrano, Morgan Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Amy Politi


One of the most successful franchise from a social space was a spin on the classic online drink recipe video in which the news branch SYFY WIRE recreated drinks from genre shows and movies, as well as creating entirely unique sci-fi inspired drinks. These bi-weekly videos would often release when there was news or premieres around the property featured.

Campaign Collaborators: Charlie Ciuffo, Morgan Johnson, Ludmilla Meltser, Lauren Roberts, Whitney Shin


Launching with the 31 Days of Halloween campaign and continuing thereafter, Fantorials where real life fans give a tutorial on how to make or craft something in order to inspire the viewer at home to try. Three talented artists created five different looks, and for each we created a long form tutorial for digital distribution, a 1:1 aspect ratio cutdown for social platforms, and an on-air driver pushing to the website to see more. Below, you'll find one example of each execution.

Campaign Collaborators: Green Buzz, Ariel Frost, Lauren Wynter

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