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In the summer of 2017, SYFY rebranded with a new logo and a new network voice that was all about celebrating fandom. So for the annual 31 Days of Halloween stunt, we set out to reinterpret this new brand ID for the holiday, keeping the DNA of the new SYFY messaging while making sure we were clear about the programing and offerings. While focusing on fandom, we went beyond simply highlighting the network's horror programming and with a multiplatform presence that explored all the reasons people love Halloween.

Campaign Collaborators: Calvin Chu, Ariel Frost, Green Buzz, Morgan Johnson, Loyal Kasper, Mike Mitchell, Tongal, Lauren Wynter, Vayner Media

31DoH Umbrella Spot
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To advertise the offerings of the month, we created an umbrella spot that highlighted the programming, the interstitials, and the online tutorial content in a way that was true to the new SYFY voice. Instead of merely listing the movies the we were airing, we wanted to highlight the elements of the movies that we, and other fans, love.


One element of the new SYFY on-air package is "Brand Bursts," moments from a show or movie that is instantly recognizable and used for tune-in under the new logo. We enlisted Loyal Kasper to create a custom graphic package for the month that included illustrated brand bursts, incorporating a variety of Halloween themes. Below is four out of the eight created.