My name is Justin Grazioli, and I am an award winning Creative Director based out of New York City, working primarily in the television industry since 2007. Specializing in Creative Marketing and Content Creation, I am responsible for building campaigns for television series and movies that reach multiple platforms including linear air, digital, and social. From pre-launch awareness to mid-season continuity, my job is to make sure the campaign voice of the show is consistent and engaging for fans of the property as well as new audiences.

Leading a team of in-house producers, designers, and project managers, as well as interfacing with outside partners, we create all elements of the marketing for a show, brand stunt, or movie. This includes trailers, promos, keyart, social postings, digital ancillary series, behind-the-scenes vignettes, experiential stunts, photography and more.

I am currently employed by SYFY, but began my career at Showtime Networks. Working on a small team in the sports department, we were responsible for creating both the marketing and show elements for every live event on the network. There I gained experience in not just video editing, but directing shoots, running camera, writing scripts, and field producing. Shooting on location, we often had turn-around times of less than 48-hours before our content went to air. Since coming to SYFY, I have been able to expand my skills into broader campaigns for high-profile shows, our news division SYFY WIRE, movies, and brand building.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my portfolio. Feel free to contact me below.


2019 PromaxBDA, Silver

  • Press Kit  |  Deadly Class  |  Creative Director

2018 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • Made-For-Television Movie Trailer  |  Realive  |  Creative Director

2018 Golden Trailer Awards, Winner

  • Best Drama Poster  |  Realive  |  Creative Director

2018 Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee

  • Best Original Score (TV Spot / Trailer)  |  Blood Drive "Master Collection"  |  Creative Director

2018 PromaxBDA, Hot Spots Selection

  • Conference Showcase  |  The Twilight Zone Marathon Promo  |  Creative Director

2017 Philadelphia ADDY Awards, Gold

  • Branded Content & Entertainment  |  The Expanse Re-Cat  |  Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor

2017 Clio Awards, Shortlist

  • Television/Streaming: Spot/Promo  |  Blood Drive "Master Collection"  |  Creative Director

2014 Clio Awards, Shortlist

  • Television/Streaming: Motion Graphic  |  Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Promo  |  Writer/Producer​

2013 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • General Image Campaign Using Multiple Media  |  Let's Imagine Greater Campaign  |  Writer/Producer/Editor

2012 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • Reality Programming Campaign Using Integrated Media  |  Face Off Campaign  |  Writer/Producer/Editor

2012 PromaxBDA, Bronze

  • Block Of Programming Campaign  |  Powerful Mondays  |  Writer/Producer/Editor



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