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My name is Justin Grazioli, and I am an award winning Creative Director based out of New York City, working primarily in the television industry since 2007. Specializing in Creative Marketing and Content Creation, I am responsible for building campaigns for television series and movies that reach multiple platforms including linear air, digital, and social. From pre-launch awareness to mid-season continuity, my job is to make sure the campaign voice of the show is consistent with strategy and engaging for both fans of the property as well as new audiences.

Leading a team of in-house producers, designers, and project managers, as well as interfacing with outside partners, we create all elements of the marketing for a show, brand stunt, or movie. This includes trailers, promos, keyart, social postings, digital ancillary series, behind-the-scenes vignettes, experiential stunts, photography and more.

I am currently employed by NBCUniversal working across their cable brands, but began my career at Showtime Networks. Working on a small team in the sports department, we were responsible for creating both the marketing and show elements for every live event on the network. There I gained experience in not just video editing, but directing shoots, running camera, writing scripts, and field producing. Since coming to NBCU, I have been able to expand my skills into broader campaigns for a variety of brands and high profile shows, overseeing teams and not just creating content but developing strategy as well.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my portfolio. Feel free to contact me below.


2022 PromaxBDA, Bronze

  • Social Good Campaign Covid-19  |  Top Chef: Covid Restaurant Impact  |  Creative Director

2021 Clio, Bronze

  • Network/Series Identity Package  |  TZGZ  |  Creative Director

2021 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • Art Direction & Design, Interstitials  |  TZGZ  |  Creative Director

2021 PromaxBDA, Bronze

  • Comedy, Clip Based Promo  |  A.P. Bio  |  Creative Director


2021 The Telly Awards, Gold

  • General - Regional TV  |  The Movie Show Trailer  |  Creative Director

2019 PromaxBDA, Silver

  • Press Kit  |  Deadly Class  |  Creative Director

2018 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • Made-For-Television Movie Trailer  |  Realive  |  Creative Director

2018 Golden Trailer Awards, Winner

  • Best Drama Poster  |  Realive  |  Creative Director

2018 Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee

  • Best Original Score (TV Spot / Trailer)  |  Blood Drive "Master Collection"  |  Creative Director

2018 PromaxBDA, Hot Spots Selection

  • Conference Showcase  |  The Twilight Zone Marathon Promo  |  Creative Director

2017 Philadelphia ADDY Awards, Gold

  • Branded Content & Entertainment  |  The Expanse Re-Cat  |  Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor

2017 Clio Awards, Shortlist

  • Television/Streaming: Spot/Promo  |  Blood Drive "Master Collection"  |  Creative Director

2014 Clio Awards, Shortlist

  • Television/Streaming: Motion Graphic  |  Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge Promo  |  Writer/Producer​

2013 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • General Image Campaign Using Multiple Media  |  Let's Imagine Greater Campaign  |  Writer/Producer/Editor

2012 PromaxBDA, Gold

  • Reality Programming Campaign Using Integrated Media  |  Face Off Campaign  |  Writer/Producer/Editor

2012 PromaxBDA, Bronze

  • Block Of Programming Campaign  |  Powerful Mondays  |  Writer/Producer/Editor



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