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For Season 18 of Top Chef the show was coming back from a long break due to industry wide COVID production delays and our campaign wanted to remind fans of what makes the show the gold standard of cooking competitions while highlighting how the Portland location would influence the season. With a focus on diverse chefs and new challenges, our campaign message was big, bold and premium.

Campaign Collaborators: Jonah Birns, Kaci Dimas, Augusto Ferriols, April Hartstein, IconArts, Lynn Jia, Annie Rakel, Vikki Sanchez, David Seo, Whitney Shin, Slaqr, E.B. Vallone, Richard Versales, Zealot


We created different promos based on a variety of campaign pillars and audiences that we wanted to hit. Some promos were heavy on the stakes of the competition or the alumni judges, others on the diversity of the cuisine, some introduced the chefs individually and all highlighted Portland as the exciting backdrop to the new season.

Top Chef - Raw
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