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At the end of every December, SYFY rings in the start of the new year with a Twilight Zone Marathon. For 2017-2018, we wanted to remind people why this show has remained such a classic. To accomplish this, we took the themes of the show and modernize them for today's audience, revealing just how timeless and relevant this show still is well over 50 years from its original airing. After all, during the previous 12 months, how often did we find ourselves asking "are we in the Twilight Zone?"

Campaign Collaborators: Adolescent, Definition 6, Meghan Dineen, Ariel Frost, Whitney Shin

Twilight Zone Marathon Promo '17-18
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The idea behind this spot was to take The Twilight Zone and reimagine the scenarios to place them in modern times in order to emphasize that the social commentary and themes throughout the show are still as poignant as ever.


2018 PromaxBDA Conference Hot Spots Selection


To continue the campaign theme of bringing The Twilight Zone into 2018, we took some of the most famous scenes and modified them to how they would be executed in the show today. These were used as promotion--where they did particularly well on social media--as well as content during the night as interstitials.