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One of USA Network's biggest premium drama's, The Sinner is a limited series event where each season revolves around a different murder. For season 3, the challenge was capturing the attention of fans without revealing what the murder actually was. We kept the high stakes and intense drama the show is known for while adding a thriller element and keeping mega star Matt Bomer front and center in all marketing.

Campaign Collaborators: Ricky Barlis, Buddha Jones, Peter Gatto, GNAH Studios, Ken Liew, Robyn Matters, Amy Politi, Whitney Shin,


Since we couldn't reveal the murder, which was the inciting incident for the entire season, trailers relied on tone, star power, and the element of mystery instead of premise. They proved to be a hit among the fans who actively took their theories to social media.

The Sinner - S3 Trailer
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For the main trailer, we literally have the audience ask "What happened?" while dropping clues all throughout to add intrigue to the intensity of the spot.