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Hot Hollywood takes from real Hollywood dummies! A parody of movie review shows done in the style of public access television and hosted by puppets, The Movie Show was a hilarious experiment by SYFY. For our campaign, it was important we mixed boisterous personalities of the hosts and the low-fi DIY sensibilities of the production to create something that matched the energy and wackiness of the series.

Campaign Collaborators: Art Machine, Ricky Barlis, Charles Ciuffo, Rob Edmond, Jump Creative, Sid Karger, Rescue Vessel, Whitney Shin, Kate Walter, Max Zaslove


The Movie Show - Trailer
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The show launched during quarantine 2020 when all big blockbusters were getting delayed. Since the show was supposed to be topical, our first trailer tackled the state of the industry head on. This spot was also cutdown into shorter versions for linear and social.


2021 The Telly Awards  |  General - Regional TV


We created two pieces of hero art to test against different demographics, one that put our show hosts in an epic blockbuster themselves, and one that portrayed them as the enthusiastic viewer. Both needed to signal over-the-top wackiness and high energy comedy.

The Movie Show - Key Art
The Movie Show - Keyart 2


We created a variety of completely custom scripted teases using the puppets to explain the show with gags that highlighted their unique personalities and showcased the "public access" nature of the show. Here are a selection of six.