SYFY WIRE is the news branch of the SYFY channel, a premiere destination for 24/7 geek news with articles, interviews, videos, and commentary. As part of the creative team, I oversaw a lot of their on-air presence and livestreams. This includes cutdowns of their digital videos, promotion of the site, three nights of Comic-Con coverage on air, daily news hits, and a live stage at two Comic-Cons that was being streamed to the web.


San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest event in geek culture, and for 2018, SYFY WIRE took over the SYFY for three days of on-air coverage thought brought energy of the con to the people at home. We built a studio overlooking the convention center where guests stopped by for interviews and analysis. Plus, multiple crews and reporters roamed the floor for on-the-ground pieces that peppered the air throughout the day. During the day, short pieces would air during commercial breaks along with a news ticker, and at night, primetime programming was wrapped with longer interstitials that essentially became a 5 minute show broken up over the course of commercial breaks. Once aired, the complete show was stitched together with a custom open for the digital platform.

Over the course of three and a half days, I oversaw 57 pieces of video produced by a large team. Below, find an example of the daytime bumpers, the primetime wraps, promos for the coverage, and the three complete shows that were made for digital.

Campaign Collaborators: Blackspot, Camp Alligator, Dana Bonomo, Meghan Dineen, Christie Garcia, Morgan Johnson, Mike Mitchell, Jesse Murray, Whitney Shin


Every weekday, SYFY airs a news hit called SYFY WIRE Blast. This hosted segment brings the WIRE voice to life through host Jackie Jennings, as she breaks down the three biggest stories of the day. At the end of the week, a longer segment called Who Won The Week summarizes the biggest things viewers may have missed. I helped shape the pace, tone, and format of these with lead producer Meghan Dineen.

Campaign Collaborators: Blackspot, Meghan Dineen, Jesse Murray


Created as part of "SYFY WIRE's Gaming Month," these two long-form shows were created as an experiment to gauge the demographic's interest in video game content.

Campaign Collaborators: Jess Berent, Juan Cadavid, Small Giant

This debate style show had SYFY Wire contributors battling it out over which classic 16-bit era system was the best.

SYFY WIRE host sits down with a current Fortnite pro and sees if his gaming skills translate to the classic game Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64.


In partnership with Reedpop, SYFY WIRE became the official livestream of three of the biggest comic-cons: ECCC, C2E2 and NYCC. This being the first time SYFY has done something of this magnitude, we wanted to make the viewing experience as elevated as possible with our brand voice and custom content. I oversaw the development of the visuals, the voice, tone, and the content of select WIRE branded segments. In addition, on the ground we created daily news hits for air.

Below, find an example of a custom segment, some of our copy cards keeping streaming breaks in the brand voice, a news hit, a few promos, and highlights from day two of ECCC created by our digital team to see the breadth of content that was generated on our livestage.

Campaign Collaborators: Blackspot, Dana Bonomo, Meghan Dineen, ESL, TJ Miller, Jesse Murray, Whitney Shin, Ryan Vasko

SYFY WIRE Segment - My Favorite Nerdifact
On-Air News Hit From The Con
Custom Break Cards