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When famous comedian Nikki Glaser decides to move back home to St. Louis at the top of her career it is quite an adjustment from the hustle of LA. In this reality series that sees Nikki living a real life rom-com, she has to balance her work, her love life and her family while she figures out where she belongs. For our creative strategy, we wanted to be true to Nikki Glaser's comedic style, using her voice as the tone of the campaign to help differentiate the show from E!'s previous reality offerings.

Campaign Collaborators: Donald Adler, Arsonal, Jonah Birns, Greg Brayton, Kelin Handville, Carlyn Hudson, Imposter TV, Erik Jeffrey, Kevin Mazeski, Natalie Miller, Mocean, Annie Rakel


We created a variety of shoot and clip spots were created to hit the demographics of Nikki's fan-base, fans of reality tv as well as fans of romantic comedies.

Nikki Glaser Promo - Real Me
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Showcasing Nikki's relationship with her parents, this spot set up the show and introduced the family dynamic in a fun, relatable way.