Based on the acclaimed graphic novel series by Rick Remender, Deadly Class was a premium series on SYFY that brought the comic book to life. Executive produced by the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame), and set against the punk backdrop of 1980s San Francisco, the show was about an underground school for assassins that perfectly blended dark teenage drama with intense action. I was the lead creative director on the campaign, welcoming fans to their freshmen year at Kings Dominion with over 100 pieces of video content.

Campaign Collaborators: Ricky Barlis, Black Spot, Bond Agency, Liza Bruno Buddha Jones,York Capistrano, Peter Gatto, Kittens Cathy Lee, Ken Liew, Robyn Matters, Tom Neff, Whitney Shin, Jiva Smith, We Are Royale, William Wang


There were a variety of different audience profiles that were targeted for this show and each had different themes that we wanted to create content around. For each phase of the campaign rollout, we would launch a teaser trailer and main trailer that complimented each other to read the widest possible demographic of potential viewers possible. Music was a very important part of the campaign, in order to capture the spirit of the show, licensed music was integral.

Deadly Class Trailer
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The first trailer focused on premise settings, educating the audience about the world of Deadly Class while setting the punk rock tone for the rest of the campaign.

Deadly Class "Just Say No" Promo
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This teaser trailer was all about the rebellious attitude of the latchkey kids in the 1980s. A little more conceptual than the main trailer, we wanted this piece to be a rush of adrenaline.

Deadly Class Trailer 2
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Our second main trailer wanted to introduce much larger personal stakes for our protagonist as well as focus on the teen drama audience, while keeping the action at the forefront.

Deadly Class Season 1 Teaser | 'Rules' | Rotten Tomatoes TV
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