Originally a two-season web series, Con Man was picked up by SYFY. This show follows characters played by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion as they navigate the world of comic cons and interact with passionate fans. Though fictional, it is inspired by Alan's real life experiences promoting Firefly at such conventions. Since Alan and Nathan are beloved in the genre spaced, and renown for their friendship, our campaign heavily focused on featuring them and leveraging their existing fanbase by naturally combining the show's voice with that of the newly rebrand SYFY.

Campaign Collaborators: Definition 6, Lisa Tan, Lauren Wynter


For a show about cons, what better place to debut a trailer announcing its move to SYFY than at San Diego Comic-Con? This trailer was created for the fans attending the panel and then later distributed on social, digital, and linear platforms.

For the promo, we wanted to focus on what made the show unique, its star power, and the fact that the network was going to air it uncensored. That version is on the left, but a variety of promos were created that focused on other elements such as guest stars.


The chemistry between Alan Tudyk and Nathan FIllion is undeniable. For Con Man, we got them in a custom studio and interviewed them for content that would live on all platforms. Since the show already had an audience from its days as a web series, we wanted to give fans more than just the stars talking about the show. Over 15 videos were made of the two telling stories, playing games, and going through their inspirations. Below are 8 examples, 4 of which being more interview and story based, with the other 4 being more about fun and games.

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